Je loopt in een winkelcentrum of bijvoorbeeld een woonboulevard. De kans is groot dat je naar iets kijkt wat door ons gemaakt is.
Mooi beeldmateriaal in etalages, aansprekende advertenties op de muren of zwevend in de lucht, hangend aan doeken. Of het nu binnen of buiten is, we zorgen dat je gezien wordt. Opvallen is zorgen dat veel mensen naar je kijken!

  • faucets and sinks - dripping and leaking will no longer drive you mad;
  • showers and tubs - repair, installation and other troubleshooting;
  • toilets and disposals - clean clogging sewers and other repair;
  • water lines and pipe work - not every person is familiar with pipes navigation, yeah?
  • water heaters and septic tanks - be sure your water is always hot and clean.

JohnnyGo can ensure you always have no problems with water and plumbing as our experts know how to handle all of this!


Faucet and sink installation

from $295.00 per faucet, from from $416.00 per sink;

Toilets and disposals

from $428.00 per toilet, from $377.00 per disposal;

Water lines and pipe work

from $239.00 per drain line (contact us for detailed calculation);

Water heaters and septic tanks

from $1150.00 per water heater, from $780.00 per septic tank.


Why does a renovation project cost so much?
What is the timeline for the project?

Depending on dimensions of the space and amount of work, it takes from a week to a 2-3 month to complete the renovation project.

What is the total budget for construction?

The total budget may vary as sizes of rooms are very different. For example, approximate budget for a basic bathroom renovation is from $3500 to $5000. If you need detailed calculation of materials and work, please contact our Customer Service Department.

How is renovation project initiated?

Renovation project can be initiated by the clients. If you need to reconstruct your old house, a room or a basement, you need to appeal to us, approve the project and budget and we’ll start working.